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Sharearly Activity,Charity Ahafo Female-Graduate With First-Class Mining Engineering Degree Despite Her Busy Life Running An Active NGO

Ahafo Female-Graduate With First-Class Mining Engineering Degree Despite Her Busy Life Running An Active NGO

For most people, the chance to impact on our communities comes later on in life. It comes when one has finished University and gainfully employed. This is a norm accepted by many.

The above norm is not in the books of one young intelligent woman from Yamfo – Atanofiemu in the Ahafo Region of Ghana. For Sharine Kwartemaa Oppong, The founder of Sharearly Foundation, there are no boundaries and limits to what can be done.

Even at her age, her achievements are deemed enviable by many and she definitely is set to be a force to reckon with in the coming years. Born on 28th December 1997 To Mr. and Mrs. Oppong. She attended Armed Forces Primary school and JHS and progressed to Kumasi Wesley Girls Senior High School. Her academic prowess lead her to attain excellent results which gained her admission into University of Mines and Technology to study BSc Mining Engineering.
And she graduated with a First-Class degree.

It will interest you to know that whilst in school she was engaging herself in many activities which typically should have affected her grades. As the founder of Sharearly Foundation, she helped organize the following; feed the street campaigns, timely orphanage visits, created and offered help to the disabled community, paid fees of orphans, gave out stationaries and school items to the needy and many more.

Sharearly Foundation is an NGO that was established in 2018 officially and has been operating since 2016 and has been at the forefront working to be the bridge of Hope to the hopeless.

The great achievements of Sharearly Foundation under the leadership and direction of Ing. Sharine has led to the mentorship and grooming of many ladies, it has also led to improving the livelihood of many disabled persons and working so hard to construct schools, canteen facilities, toilet facilities and training centers.

As she celebrates her birthday, we know so well that the prayers of the people she has impacted on are working for her. You can support her to do more and even wish her well in her life journey.

Her favorite quote:

There is a bridge that only love can cross, a wound that only compassion can heal and a noise that only givers can silence. Giving the little you have can save someone today.

Ms. Sharine Kwartemaa Oppong – a beacon of hope to the hopeless

Source: Ahafo News

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