What We Do

Sharearly Water, Environment and Health Projects

  1. Donations towards a particular health and challenge example: Cancer.
  2. General hospital donations.
  3. Implementing boreholes for communities.
  4. Donation of sanitations items like dustbins, etc.
  5. Pad Bank Ghana and Menstrual hygiene.
  6. Implementing the WASH program in schools.
  7. Community sensitization programs.

Sharearly Education Care Projects

  1. Scholarships for schooling.
  2. Stationery donations.
  3. Donations of Uniforms, Shoes, and school bags.
  4. Provision of furniture for schools.
  5. Provision of teaching and learning materials (Computers, books, etc)

Sharearly Skill training and Entrepreneurship Projects

  1. Training individuals on some skills like sewing, beading, weaving, wig making, etc.
  2. Supporting startup businesses.

Sharearly Feed the Street Campaign Projects

  1. To us, the street is the disabled people, the vulnerable teenage mothers, the orphans, and the prisoners.
  2. Provision of Food, Clothing, and Shelter.
  3. Support in business or establishment of a business.

Ghana Corporate Philanthropy Awards

  1. Promoting philanthropy through recognizing and awarding companies that are contributing positively towards human welfare.