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Pad Bank Donations and Menstrual Hygiene Talk at the Menji Snr High School, Nsawkaw to happen on the 22nd March 2022

Pad Bank Ghana 🇬🇭 Is an Initiative that is meant to donate free sanitary pads to women in rural communities.

After a research conducted by Sharearly Foundation, we realized that, there are still ladies within some rural communities who find it difficult purchasing Sanitary pads and there are some of them who have low knowledge on menstrual hygiene.

On our 2nd Edition, we came across some women who do not even know how to use it. Teachers confirmed that, most of the ladies stay out of school during their menstrual period.

Pad Bank Ghana is driven by these and many reasons.

Your support will be of much help to us, kindly donate any amount or any number of pads to us by contacting us.
You can also donate to us a 100 packs of sanitary pads to get a good deed card from us to purchase anything you want.

Protecting the dignity of that school child is our priority.

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